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  • Katia Big Diamonds

    Katia Big Diamonds - A beautiful and warm yarn for the coldest days of the year made of a combination of acrylic, wool and alpaca. Katia Big Diamonds are big balls of 500 gram suitable for making blankets, cardigans and ponchos. The yarn is ideal for larger projects because one ball contains 600 meters and gives your projects a gorgeous jacquard colour effect. Learn More

    Regular Price: €34.95


  • Lana Grossa Lala Berlin Cosy

    Lana Grossa Lala Berlin Cosy - Totally in compliance with the German Fashion label 'Lala Berlin', this beautiful yarn breaths quality, femininity and style. Lala Berlin Cosy is a gorgeous yarn of outstanding quality available a colour palette that perfectly matches the balls of Lala Berlin Hairy. The slightly elastic thread has a nice structure and results in smooth and even knitting- and crochet projects. Learn More

    Regular Price: €7.95


  • Phildar Phil Flocon

    Phildar Phil Flocon - A light, wavy and fluffy yarn made of outstanding quality. This thread is suitable for needles size 6,5-7 and therefore ideal for making nice and comfy sweaters. Learn More

    Regular Price: €5.95


3 Item(s)

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