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  • Katia Mirage

    Katia Mirage is a delicate mohiar yarn, combined with merinowool and a 100% natural multicoloured cotton. The fluffy thread gives your projects a playful touch and the beautiful colour gradients will make each project unique. Learn More

    Regular Price: €8.95


  • Lana Grossa Micio

    Lana Grossa Micio - A gorgeous hairy yarn consisting of a basis of polyamide combined with a fluffy mix of wool and camel hair. Micio is suitable for needles size 7 - 8mm and gives your knitting and crochet projects a soft fleece look. Pick from the beautiful shades like purple, green and blue and create the ultimate look for the fall and winter season! Learn More

    Regular Price: €6.95


2 Item(s)

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