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Not only do we offer the best prices and the ease of online shopping - we also make sure you receive the service you expect, with a product warranty on which we are proud.

All of our products have descriptions in several languages of which English, German and Dutch are the most common ones. The manual for each product is provided by the manufacturer, and only the warranty which is also provided by the manufacturer for that product is applicable. This means that info@yarnplaza.com can only guarantee a warranty when it is in accordance with the regulations put down by the manufacturer.
When you buy products at info@yarnplaza.com, you are guaranteed the following Services & Warranties:
1. We allow for a 14-day period after receipt of the purchased product(s) before making the purchase definite (for more information, go to the cooling down period and our returns policy).
2. Excellent warranty and warranty transaction.

Damaged or malfunctioning products
If there is anything wrong with a product bought at info@yarnplaza.com, you can ask our technical service for help. They will take care of the warranty transaction.

General Warranty Conditions
All electronic devices have a warranty with a minimum of 1-year (12 months) which is guaranteed by info@yarnplaza.com in accordance with the conditions listed below. All products which are offered at yarnplaza.com are subject to Dutch law, and for each product the Dutch warranty conditions are valid. To be sure of a swift warranty transaction, please follow this procedure:

  • When your product is damaged or malfunctioning, please contact our Customer Service. Together, we will establish what is wrong.
  • When it has been established that there is something wrong with your product, you can send it to yarnplaza.com or take it to our shop Yarnplaza in Zaltbommel. Any costs are for your account and will not be reimbursed;
  • In order to be considered for the warranty on your purchase, you have to return the product with a copy of the receipt from yarnplaza.com, a clear problem description with your personal details, and if needed the proof of the warranty that was sent with the product. Without these documents, it will not be possible to take a warranty request into consideration, nor to inform you about its status;
  • You will be notified by email when yarnplaza.com received your warranty request and starts the process of granting it or not. During the transaction period you can ask for updates via email. After your product has been repaired or replaced, it will be sent back to you.

The duration of the process depends very much on the type of product and on any additional deliveries from the manufacturer. Info@yarnplaza.com is entirely dependent on the service capacity of the manufacturer.
Should any problems occur within 7 days after receiving a product, then info@yarnplaza.com applies the DOA-terms (Dead On Arrival). After having notified yarnplaza.com of the defect or malfunction within 7 days of purchasing the product, info@yarnplaza.com will replace the product free of charge;
If it is not possible to discover what is wrong with a product that has been returned to us, we allow for a 30-day period in which you can, at your own cost, collect the product or realize a return delivery by providing yarnplaza.com with the necessary funds.

We strongly advise never to return products without following the above procedure. When we receive products unannounced, it is not possible to take them into consideration.

Warranty Conditions
Product Warranties are granted by info@yarnplaza.com according to the conditions put down by the manufacturer concerned. Sewing machines always come with at least a 1 year’s (12 month’s) warranty, and sometimes manufacturers grant longer warranties.

The transaction of warranties by info@yarnplaza.com is always done in accordance with the conditions of the manufacturer. Warranties are only granted when it concerns normal household use and maintenance of a product. This means, for example, that you are expected to have the maintenance done of your sewing-, overlock-, or coverlock machine at least once a year, counting from the first year after purchase. A proof of maintenance needs to be signed by a mechanic.
It is of course possible to have the maintenance of your machine done by info@yarnplaza.com. We will be happy to inform you of the possibilities and costs.

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