Hoooked is a popular brand with the most beautiful yarns. This brand is originated from a deep passion for fashion, creativity and durability. All yarns of Hoooked are known from their high quality recycled cotton fibres. Make the most gorgeous sturdy home decorations and macramé projects with the yarns of Hoooked.

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  • Hoooked Natural Jute

    Hoooked Natural Jute - A thick, ropy kind of yarn for making robust projects. This thread feels sturdy and is suitable for needles size 10-15 mm. With Natural Jute you can make robust knitting, crochet or macrame projects like plant holders, wall hangings or sturdy baskets. Learn More

  • Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton

    Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton - A thick rope yarn made of 85% high quality cotton and 15% recycled fibres. Hoooked Spesso is the perfect yarn for knitting and crocheting robust projects like a carpet, basket or sturdy accessories. This super chunky yarn feels sturdy yet soft and is loosely twined making it also super suitable for macramé projects. Learn More

  • Hoooked RibbonXL

    Hoooked RibbonXL - A chunky and robust textile yarn made of 100% recycled fibres. The ribbon yarn is slightly elastic, firm and lightweight and is suitable for knitting as well as crocheting. Because of the sturdy structure projects made with Hoooked RibbonXL are durable and made in no-time. Hoooked RibbonXL is therefore often used for making home decorations and accessories like rugs, baskets, bags and plaids. Learn More

  • Hoooked RibbonXL Lurex

    Hoooked RibbonXL Lurex - This exclusive edition of RibbonXL contains a beautiful lurex accent. The well-known RibbonXL is a chunky and robust yarn that is perfect for making home decorations and accessories. With the addition of silver or copper lurex the yarn gets an extra festive look. Use Hoooked RibbonXL Lurex for making the most beautiful bags, baskets, poufs and rugs. Learn More

  • Hoooked Somen

    Hoooked Somen - A 100% plant-based and light yarn with a strong thread made from recycled cotton and linen. It feels wonderfully soft and it is a fresh yarn with a low stretch texture. Hoooked Somen is very suitable for crochet and knitting clothing, accessories and baby clothes. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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