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  • Lang Yarns Victoria

    Lang Yarns Victoria - A yarn that is made from mohair, wool and cotton. This yarn has a lovely fluffy thread and feels soft and airy. You can use this yarn to crochet or knit beautiful shawls, scarves and clothing. If you love colour then Lang Yarns is a must-have in your hobby room. It offers a truly fantastic colour palette. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Merino 120

    Lang Yarns Merino 120 - A fantastic merino yarn with which you can knit and crochet warm clothing. The yarn has a twisted thread, feels smooth and extremely soft. You can use this yarn for various projects such as clothing, home decoration items, shawls or scarves. Everyone's favorite color can be found in the extensive color range of Lang Yarns Merino 120. This yarn is also suitable for the washing machine and therefore ideal for crocheting or knitting children's clothing. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Donegal

    Lang Yarns Donegal – A beautiful and robust tweed yarn made from 100% virgin wool, it is completely natural and produced in the traditional way. This classic yarn is spun and dyed according to the old tradition in Ireland. Full of character, the yarn gives great structure and depth to your knitting. Use this beautiful classic yarn to make wonderful, warm clothing for cold days. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Puno

    Lang Yarns Puno – 800 meters of the purest knitting bliss. Puno is made from 55% extra fine merino, 30% baby alpaca and 15% silk. The yarn is dyed and steamed by hand, making each ball unique. A beautiful and super soft yarn for knitting and crocheting a lovely wrap or scarf. Treat yourself or someone else to this slice of heaven wrapped up in cake! Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Kylie

    Lang Yarns Kylie – This beautiful yarn is made exclusively from natural materials and is wonderfully soft with a luxurious appearance. The marled thread and the gorgeous colors of Lang Yarns Kylie add an extra dimension to your projects. The yarn is great for knitting or crocheting wonderful sweaters and cardigans. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Divina

    Lang Yarns Divina – This super soft spun yarn is light and airy and produces beautiful even results. The special production process and the use of high-quality materials allow you to create gorgeous summer clothing. Lang Yarns Divina is easy to work with and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Learn More

  • Rico Creative Fluffily dk

    Rico Creative Fluffily dk – This soft blended yarn, with a subtle glittery thread in the same color, will give your projects a touch of glamour! The fine blend of cotton, polyester, acrylic and wool in a lightly twisted thread creates a wonderful fluffy yarn that lends itself perfectly for making a festive sweater, cardigan or accessories. The generous yardage and the light weight of this yarn make it a great choice for large projects. The striking colors and the luxurious appearance of Rico Creative Fluffily dk guarantee a stunning result. Learn More

  • Rico Fashion Modern Tweed Aran

    Rico Fashion Modern Tweed Aran - A soft and light tweed yarn composed of wool, polyamide and viscose. The yarn is a bit fluffy and the tweed in the thread gives a nice effect to your projects. With this second yarn you can knit or crochet trendy sweaters, cardigans and accessories for the winter. The color pallet is small but has both classic and powerful colors. Learn More

  • Rico Creative Smile

    Rico Creative Smile - With a beautiful voluminous thread, this yarn feels wonderfully soft and light. The yarn is composed of wool and acrylic. Rico Creative Smile has a trendy color gradient and gives beautiful stripes to your projects. You can knit or crochet clothing and accessories with it. Learn More

  • Rico Fashion Mohair Merino Chunky

    Rico Fashion Mohair Merino Chunky - A comfortable and fluffy yarn made from mohair, wool and polyamide. The yarn has a thin and twisted thread and has a wonderfully soft touch. You can make the most beautiful sweaters, cardigans and scarves for the winter with this yarn. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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