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  • Katia 50 Mohair Shades

    Katia 50 Mohair Shades – A classic, brushed yarn, made from the best Mohair (Superkid). These cute little balls weigh just 20 grams but have an impressive yardage of 200 meters. So just imagine how wonderfully light your new cardigan, sweater or scarf will be. And mohair has even more great qualities: it’s soft, heat-regulating and glossy. The mix of wool and polyamide ensures that the thin, fluffy thread is very durable. You can shop the 50 Mohair Shades in (you guessed it!) 50 different colors. Mix and match and knit or crochet an exquisite accessory or item of clothing. Learn More

  • Katia Eden

    Katia Eden – Make the loveliest fall and winter creations with this refined fantasy yarn, Katia Eden. Bring on the brisk fall wind and the swirling snowflakes, you’ll be toasty warm in your new sweater or cardigan made with fine merino wool, alpaca wool and mohair. Katia Eden has a striking structure and a subtle degradé effect, which gives your project an impressive finish without needing any complicated stitch work. The viscose content adds a festive touch. Learn More

  • Katia Alma

    Katia Alma – The multicolored chain yarn Katia Alma will see you deliciously warm through winter. And just because the clothing made with this new winter yarn will keep you warm doesn’t mean they’ll be heavy! Just the opposite! Indeed, Katia Alma is wonderfully lightweight and voluminous. The yarn consists of 93% merino wool with a small addition of polyamide. Treat yourself or someone else to a cardigan, sweater or scarf. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Camille

    Lang Yarns Camille - The Lang Yarns Camille is unique from all sides. Firstly, for its use of matte and glossy threads. This creates a playful effect that comes through best in purl stitches. And the color transition is also special: short, exciting and very varied. The thread is wonderfully soft and voluminous. Treat yourself to a new sweater or summer cardigan. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé

    Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé - No more boring socks, ever! That’s because from now on, you’ll only ever want to use this sock yarn, Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé. Just one ball is plenty for knitting a colorful pair of socks (up to shoe size 44). The yarn is made from a blend of 75% wool and 25% polyamide and is supremely soft, wear-resistant and strong. Is knitting socks not quite your thing, but are you a big fan of making throw blankets, stoles and scarves? Then Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé is still a really great choice, thanks to its luxurious appearance and the subtle, quick color transitions. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Mohair Luxe Lamé

    Lang Yarns Mohair Luxe Lamé – The classic kid-mohair yarn from Lang Yarns is now also available with a festive glittery thread, the Luxe Lamé! The blend of super kid mohair with silk means that the yarn is wonderfully soft on the skin. The fluffy thread produces a fabric that is both supple and voluminous. This makes Lang Yarns Mohair Luxe Color also ideal for crocheting or knitting lace patterns. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Airolo

    Lang Yarns Airolo - For making deliciously warm, soft winter clothing, use Lang Yarns Airolo, a robust 6-ply yarn. The wool comes from Corriedale sheep from Argentine Patagonia. This wool is renowned for its long fibers, durability and insulating effect. On top of that, this virgin wool is also silky soft. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Setayak

    Lang Yarns Setayak - Treat yourself to something special met Lang Yarns Setayak. This yarn is a blend of yak wool, merino wool and silk. A unique blend that ensures that clothing and accessories feel feather-light, shine, are pleasantly soft and retain your body heat well. All the ingredients for a comfortable winter sweater or cardigan. Lang Yarns Setayak is suitable for both knitting and crocheting. Use knitting needles size 6 or 7 mm and crochet hooks size 7 or 8 mm. Learn More

  • Lang Yarns Super Soxx 6-ply

    Lang Yarns Super Soxx 6-ply - The time of cold feet is over! From now on, knit your socks with this sock yarn, Lang Yarns Super Soxx 6-ply, and always enjoy warm feet. The six twisted strands not only ensure that your socks are warm, but also extra strong. With just one ball of Super Soxx you can knit a timeless pair of socks in sizes 36-46. Did you know that sock wool is also ideal for making warm scarves, hats, and even cuddly toys? Learn More

  • Lana Grossa Silkhair Haze Dégradé

    Lana Grossa Silkhair Haze Dégradé - Lana Grossa has released a beautiful new variant of their Silkhair yarn: the Silkhair Haze Dégradé. A luxurious super kid mohair and silk yarn. Use it to make stunning items of clothing that you can wear all year round. Do you love making sweaters or cardigans with a lace pattern? This yarn is ideal for this! The Silkhair Haze Dégradé feels wonderfully soft, has a silky sheen and features a subtle color transition, which emphasizes the playful, hairy structure even more. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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