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Stitch of the Month: Knitting a Star

Stitch of the Month: Knitting a Star
Posted on 10-11-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Our Stitch of the Month is more of a pattern; how to knit a star! Whether you want to knit a cute baby blanket, a potholder or a starry cushion, then this moss stitch pattern, complete with knitting chart, will help you work this celestial figure into your project. Read on for our free pattern for knitting a star.

Knitting a star - Every month we highlight a new stitch or motif which you can use to create some wonderful projects! A fun challenge to while away some time while you learn a new trick. This time we've worked up a handy knitting chart to show you how to knit a star motif. The area around the star is knitted in straightforward stockinette stitch, with the star itself worked in moss stitch to make the shape pop.

And don't be shy! Experiment! Pick your favorite yarn, combine different shades or swap the stitches over. Every variation achieves a unique effect, so feel free to adapt the pattern and make it yours!

What do you need?
You can use any kind of yarn for this pattern. Pick a chunkier yarn for a larger, more robust star, or go for a thinner yarn to create a more subtle, delicate effect. We used Phil Coton 3 color 60 and size 3 mm knitting needles for our star.

Stitches used:
- Blank squares  = knit on the right side of the work, purl on the wrong side of the work (stockinette stitch)
- Blue circles      = purl on the right side of the work, knit on the wrong side of the work (moss stitch)

Knitting pattern: Knitting a star

Knit rows 1 - 30 following the chart below. Switch between stockinette and moss stitch where indicated on the chart. Et voilà, your star is done!

Do you fancy trying another fun stitch? Then check out the rest of our stitch of the month posts and discover some other exciting knitting and crochet stitches to use in your next project!

Is there a stitch that you'd like us to feature in our Stitch of the Month series? Leave us a comment below and we'll see what we can do!

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