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Phildar Phil Big - Free Patterns & Inspiration

Phildar Phil Big - Free Patterns & Inspiration
Posted on 19-10-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar Phil Big - October is the month where interior design and home decorations are being central. The beautiful new yarn Phil Big is the perfect yarn for knitting or crocheting the most pretty home decorations! Continue reading for more information on our latest arrival and get going with the free patterns.

From chunky pillows, to plaids, blankets and rugs; in each magazine, blog or home store we can see the upcoming trend of big, robust and chunky home decorations. With their latest yarn Phildar Phil Big, Phildar offers you the opportunity to create your own super robust projects. This thick roving yarn is made of wool and acrylic and is perfectly suitable for making the most beautiful, chunky home decorations. This yarn is used specially designed needles size 35 mm, but it's also very suitable for arm knitting and finger crochet.

Knitting a Cable Pillow with Phildar Phil Big

Because of the thickness of the yarn Phil Big is perfectly suitable for knitting cables. This pink pillow has a size of 65 x 45 cm and made with 3 skeins Phildar Phil Big. Download the free knitting pattern here!

Not so familiar with knitting cables or do you want a more simple project? A pillow in garter stitch is just as beautiful with this yarn! For a pillow of 60 x 60 cm 4 skeins are being used. Download the free knitting pattern here!

Knitting a Basket with Phil Big

Looking for a stylish basket for storing all your balls of wool or magazines? This basket is knitted and is made with only one skein. Download the free knitting pattern here!

Knitting a Blanket with Phil Big

This super cool blanket has playful touch because it's made using a checkerboard knitting pattern! A fairly easy knitting pattern and you only use 6 balls of Phil Big. Get going with the free pattern! Download the free knitting pattern here!

Crocheting a Rug with Phil Big

A round shaped rug is always a good idea, and how cool is it to make it yourself? This rug has been made using the finger crochet technique and has a diameter of 90 cm. With 5 balls you've got enough to create this eye catcher! Download the free crochet pattern here!

Crocheting a Basket with Phil Big

Of course you can finger crochet more projects, like this fashionable basket! With a width of 40 cm and a height of 20 cm you can store all kinds of stuff in it. It's made of 2 balls Phildar Phil BigDownload the free crochet pattern here!

Knitting a Cable Rug with Phil Big

Are you more into the really big projects and are you ready for a challenge with a great result? Then this cable rug is the perfect project for you! This plaid is made of 17 skeins Phildar Phil Big and measures 170 x 185 cm. A unique project and a real eye catcher in your living room! Download the free knitting pattern here!

Have you made something with Phil Big? Show us your project by sending a picture by email and maybe you'll be featured on our Wool of Fame!

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