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Herringbone Stitch - The easiest way to knit it!

Herringbone Stitch - The easiest way to knit it!
Posted on 5-5-2017 by [email protected]

Knitting Herringbone Stitch - Knitted stitches and motifs come in all sorts and sizes and it stays so much fun to discover new ones. In this blog we highlight the herringbone stitch. A fun stitch creating a beautifully braided fabric, ideal for making plaids, blankets, pillows and other home decorations. Learn how to knit herringbone stitch the easiest way with the free pattern and instruction video!

Knitting is totally trendy and with the endless availability of stitches there is plenty of choice in variations. This herringbone stitch is gorgeous for making home decorations and especially looks good made with this robust chunky yarn. In this blog we started making a small little patch. Getting the hang of this stitch? Let your creativity run free and get going with plaids, blankets or other fun projects!

We used the robust yarn Yarn and Colors Urban. Urban is a thick roving made of wool and acrylic and is ideal for making home decorations. Pick your favourite colour from the beautiful colour palette and get going with your project!

- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Urban colour 15 Mustard
- Knitpro Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles 25mm

Herringbone Stitch - Learn the easiest way - Free Knitting Pattern

Cast on 20 sts. You can alter the number of stitches according to your desired project.

Row 1: Purl all sts.
Row 2: *Knit 2 sts. together in the back loops, but only slip the first st. from your needle* Repeat from *-* until the end of the row. Knit the last st.
Row 3: *Purl 2 sts. together, but only slip the first st. from your needle* Repeat from *-* until the end of the row. Purl the last st.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 alternately to create the herringbone pattern.

Note: This video is in Dutch but offers great visual images on how to work this stitch.

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