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Punch an Easter bunny with our free punch needle patterns

Punch an Easter bunny with our free punch needle patterns
Posted on 7-3-2022 by Karlijn van Mil
How time flies… Before you know it, Easter is here! We are so excited about this holiday that we have decided to treat you to some super fun, free punch needle patterns. Start with the Easter bunny like we did or choose one of the other figures. Happy punching!

Punch into the Easter season with this free punch needle pattern

Previously on the blog, we shared which yarns to use for punch needle embroidery and tips and tricks to get you started on your punch needle journey. We even organized a fabulous punch-along. With just a month to go till Easter, we thought we would surprise you with these free Easter punch needle patterns. Enjoy!

punch needle Easter bunny pattern free embroidery template stencil

Free punch needle pattern Easter bunny

In addition to the free punch needle pattern for an Easter bunny, you will also find other fun Easter figures on the stencil. What would you say to some Easter eggs, a sweet little rabbit with butterflies, or a chick? All these cheerful punch needle patterns can be found in the PDF file below. Select whichever pattern grabs your fancy. In this blog, we will guide you through how to needle punch the curious Easter bunny. Let’s get started!

 punch needle Easter bunny pattern free embroidery template stencil

Step by step: Punch an Easter Bunny

Duration: It takes approx. 3 hours to needle punch the Easter bunny.

What do you need?

- Yarnplaza Punch Pattern Easter (Stencil)
- Embroidery hoop 15 cm
- Rico punch needle for thin yarn, with 2.2 mm needle tip
- 1x Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis 100 Black
- 1x Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis 001 White
- 1x Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis 045 Blossom
- 1x Yarn and Colors Must-Have 009 Limestone
- Lilian canvas fabric
- Prym Iron-on Pattern Pencil Erasable Red (or pencil/fineliner)

Please note:
In this punch needle project, you will use different needle lengths to create loops of different lengths, as well as combine loops with flat stitches. This produces a fun mix of textures that brings the bunny to life.

How to punch this Easter bunny

Step 1:
Trace the pattern onto the canvas using the pen, then stretch the canvas into the embroidery hoop.

Step 2:
Thread your punch needle with Black and set the needle length to 3. Begin with the bunny’s whiskers, then punch the dots of the eyes. Once that is complete, cut the yarn.

Step 3:
Thread your punch needle with White and set the needle length to 3. First, punch the white spot on the nose, then continue with the eyes. When needle punching, always work from the outside in. So, first punch the outline, then work inwards. Check the front of your work now and then to see if you have filled the area as desired. Once the eyes are complete, cut the yarn and move on to the next step.

Step 4:
Thread your punch needle with Blossom and leave the needle length set at 3. Fill in the nose with this color, then punch the inner ears. Done? Then cut the yarn.

Step 5:
Thread your punch needle with Limestone and set the needle length to 6. It is now time to punch the fur of your Easter bunny. Begin with the ears, working from the outside in. Once the ears are done, continue with the rest of the head. Once the whole bunny is complete, cut your yarn.

Step 6:
This step is optional. Once you are done, turn your work over and check for any stray loops sticking out above the rest. Carefully tug the loops around them with a small (crochet) hook to bring them all to the correct height.

Step 7:
You have now finished needle punching your Easter bunny, so it is time to finish off the back. If you wish to leave it in the hoop, simply finish it off in there. Alternatively, you could turn it into a hanging Easter decoration. If you opt for the latter, make sure you fix that back of your stitches with punch needle or textile glue before cutting out the shape.

What to do with the Easter bunny

Your cute Easter bunny is finished, so now for the big question: what will you do with it? You could use it as a decoration for your Easter brunch table or turn it into an ornament for your Easter branches. If you would like to make a double-sided ornament, then make sure you mirror the pattern for the second side. Then stick the two bunny halves together and hang them up. Cute!

Share your results!

Have you used one of these fun, free punch needle patterns? Then share a photo with us on social media. Remember to tag us @yarnplaza in your post and use #yarnplazapunchneedle. Have you caught the punch needle bug like we have? Then try out one of these great punch needle projects.

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