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Stitch of the Month: Crochet Zigzag Stitch

Stitch of the Month: Crochet Zigzag Stitch
Posted on 7-10-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
Fall is here! Despite that, this blog has a summery hue because we want to share a stitch that we’ve been playing with over the past few summer months: the crocheted zigzag stitch. Want to find out more about this stitch and all the beautiful projects you can crochet with it? Then read on…

The summer months are all about easy, relaxing crochet. We often reach for filet crochet, which is wonderfully light and airy. Paired with cotton yarn, of course, the only yarn we really want on our laps when it’s blazing hot outside. To mix things up, we decided to have a go at zigzag stitch and it turned out to be the perfect stitch for crocheting with cotton! For the ultimate summer factor, this stitch lends itself well to wild color combinations. It’s the perfect excuse to let your inner unicorn out! Of course, zigzag stitch also looks super classy in just 2 or 3 different colors, proving just how versatile a stitch it is.

What is zigzag stitch?

Zigzag stitch is also known as chevron stitch or ripple stitch in the crochet world and is more a pattern than a stitch proper. That’s because with zigzag stitch, you aren’t bound to any particular basic stitch. You could opt to use single crochets, half double crochets, double crochets… Whichever rocks your boat. 

We all know what a zigzag looks like. But how do you transform a perfectly straight foundation chain into a zigzag pattern? The secret lies in the increases and decreases. By decreasing stitches, you draw the foundation chains together to create the zig of the valleys. By increasing stitches, you create the extra space needed for the zag, or the peak of the wave. By following this basic principle, zigzag stitch is easy and wonderfully relaxing to crochet.

Crochet projects with the zigzag stitch

Zigzag stitch, or chevron stitch, is mainly used to crochet blankets. Even though you are repeating the same stitches row after row, all the color changes mean crocheting a zigzag blanket is never boring. The different colors and fun wavy pattern make this the ideal stitch for a baby blanket. 

At Yarnplaza, we have several ready-to-make kits in store that feature this lovely stitch. Make an eye-catcher for your nursery or baby’s stroller with the Ripple Baby Blanket made in our very own Pink Label Organic Cotton. If you find the three colorways that we chose a bit too daring or you want to make a multicolored blanket, then you can also buy the crochet pattern and yarn separately. Speaking of multicolored, our Ripple Blanket made with the delightful crochet cotton, Yarn and Colors Must-Have, features no fewer than 100 colors! There’s only one word for it: WOW! 
Crochet Pattern Organic Cotton Ripple Baby Blanket
Organic Cotton Ripple Baby Blanket Crochet Kit 3
100 Colours Ripple Blanket Crochet Kit
And to prove that zigzag stitch isn’t just for blankets, check out this funky Waves Comfy Cushion from Yarn and Colors. We love this on-brand version in black and white. But again, you can shop the pattern booklet separately and create your own combination from the 100+ shades of Yarn and Colors Epic.

Free pattern and video tutorial: Zigzag Stitch

Want some practice before embarking on one of the above-mentioned projects? We’re happy to help! Find the pattern for a practice swatch in zigzag stitch, or chevron stitch, below. To give you an extra helping hand, we have also put together a video tutorial for this stitch.  

- Yarn and Colors Must-Have (2 rows per color) in colors 15, 18, 38, 52, 62, 81
- Crochet hook 3.5 mm
Yarn and Colors Must-have 015 Mustard
Yarn and Colors Must-have 018 Bronze
Yarn and Colors Must-have 038 Peony Pink
Yarn and Colors Must-have 052 Orchid
Yarn and Colors Must-have 062 Larimar
Yarn and Colors Must-have 081 Lettuce
Yarn and Colors Rosé Crochet Hook 3.5 mm
Gauge swatch
Two zigzags (with 2 peaks and 2 valleys):  81 stitches x 12 rows

Abbreviations used (US terms; UK in brackets)
ch chain
st(s) stitch(es)
dc double crochet (UK treble)
dc2tog double crochet 2 stitches together
rep repeat
sp space
(…) work stitches in brackets in same stitch

Ch 84 for foundation ch. Adjust width by using multiple of 40 + 1 + 3 sts for foundation ch.
Work 2 rows in same color. Change color in odd rows.

Row 1 (open row): Begin in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc, *ch 1, skip 1 st, 1 dc**. Rep *to** 7 times. Ch 1, skip 1 st, dc2tog—but skip 3 sts between 1st and 2nd dc. Rep *to** 8 times. Ch 1, skip 1 st, (1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc) in next st. Rep from * once. In final rep, end with (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in last ch. Turn your work. 
Row 2 (closed row): Ch 2, 3 dc in 1st st, *17 dc, dc2tog—but skip 3 sts between 1st and 2nd dc, 17 dc**, (1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc) in ch-3 sp of previous row. Rep *to** once, 3 dc in last st. 
Row 3 (open row – new color): Ch 3, 1 dc in 1st st, *ch 1, skip 1 st, 1 dc**. Rep *to** 7 times. Ch 1, skip 1 st, dc2tog—but skip 3 sts between 1st and 2nd dc. Rep *to** 8 times. Ch 1, skip 1 st, (1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc) in next st. Rep from * once. In final rep, end with (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in last st. Turn your work. 
Rep rows 2 and 3. Change color at end of row 2 each time.

chain – double crochet – double crochet 2 together

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