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Crochet the cutest forest animals with Yarn and Colors Lookbook #27

Crochet the cutest forest animals with Yarn and Colors Lookbook #27
Posted on 1-3-2022 by Karlijn van Mil
There's a new Yarn and Colors Lookbook out! In this release, you will find the cutest forest animals you can think of. Ready to meet these cuddly toys? Dive into Lookbook #27 Forest Animals with us in this blog post...

Yarn and Colors X amigurumi = Crochet fun squared

Last year, you will no doubt have seen that Yarn and Colors launched their first Lookbook full of amigurumi. In Lookbook #16 Zoo Animals, five sweet zoo creatures stole our hearts. Then part 2 soon followed: Lookbook #21 On The Farm, in which farmers Freddy and Francine introduced us to their crocheted farmyard crew.

And as the saying goes, all good things come in threes! And hot off the digital press, here is Lookbook #27 Forest Animals. Once again, it is a digital crochet book full of delightful toys designed by Margreet, known on Instagram as @knotjeknus. This time she was assisted by two members of the Yarn and Colors family: Pleun (@studiowoordendraad) and Manon (@petit_petite_nl). Each designer created two woodland creatures, and they cannot wait to introduce them to you!
forest animals yarn and colors amigurumi forest animals yarn and colors amigurumi

Crochet soft toys with Lookbook #27 from Yarn and Colors

In Lookbook #27 Forest Animals, you will find six crochet patterns for the cutest forest animals. Each would make a super fun and personal gift to celebrate a new arrival or a child’s birthday. That being said, we would not blame you at all if you decided to keep all this cuteness to yourself.

What makes the toys in Lookbook #27 unique, is that they are largely crocheted with two strands of yarn held together. Alongside the wonderful crochet cotton, Yarn and Colors Must-Have, you also hold a strand of Yarn and Colors Elegant. This is a very fine, hairy yarn made from mohair (25%), wool (25%), and acrylic (50%) and it gives the animals a real fur-like look. If you prefer not to or are unable to use wool, then you can of course crochet these soft toys with Must-Have on its own.

Another great feature of these crocheted toys is that you do not need to sew the arms, legs, and tails onto the body. Instead, you crochet them on directly. Ideal for those who prefer wielding a crochet hook to a darning needle!

The stars of Lookbook #27 Forest Animals

Boris Boar

The toughest guy in the forest and Lookbook #27 is Boris Boar. But do not be fooled by his rough looks. This guy is super soft and a total sweetheart. The crochet pattern is rated as suitable for beginner/intermediate crocheters, so even everyone can enjoy crocheting this unique amigurumi. The crochet kit is available in two different colorways. Prefer to use a different color? Then order the separate crochet pattern for Boris Boar.

Yarn and Colors Boris Boar Crochet Kit 027 Brunet
Yarn and Colors Boris Boar Crochet Kit 098 Graphite
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Boris Boar

Donna Deer

The dearest creature in this band of Forest Animals is Donna Deer. With her fluffy belly, perky antlers, and classic white spots on her head, this crocheted deer will have many falling head over heels. Can’t you just see your (grand)child’s smile as they leap around the place with this crocheted doe? The crochet kit comes in 2 different colorways. Or buy the crochet pattern separately and pick your own colors for Donna Deer.

Yarn and Colors Donna Deer Crochet Kit 018 Bronze
Yarn and Colors Donna Deer Crochet Kit 026 Satay
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Donna Deer

Max Mole

Yoo-hoo! Max pokes his head above ground. With his cute, pink snout and characteristic hands and claws, Max Mole is a true Must-Make. If you do not have much experience with crocheting amigurumi, Max is the perfect first project for you. We should warn you, though, that it is highly addictive, and you’ll probably want to crochet all the other forest friends straight afterwards! Max Mole is available as both a separate pattern and a complete crochet kit in your choice of two different colorways.

Yarn and Colors Max Mole Crochet Kit 006 Taupe
Yarn and Colors Max Mole Crochet Kit 098 Graphite
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Max Mole

Rosie Rabbit

Is there nothing more irresistible than a cuddly bunny? Especially one that feels as soft and fluffy as Rosie Rabbit. In this design, the hairy Yarn and Colors Elegant not only gives Rosie a fluffy appearance and an extra soft feel, but also adds a special marled effect thanks to the use of two different-colored strands. A fun detail is that you attach one ear at an angle, making it look as though Rosie has just heard a rustle in the bushes. To crochet this rabbit, buy the yarn and pattern separately or make things easier for yourself and choose one of the two crochet kits.

Yarn and Colors Rosie Rabbit Crochet Kit 004 Birch
Yarn and Colors Rosie Rabbit Crochet Kit 009 Limestone
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Rosie Rabbit

Sal Squirrel

No book of crocheted forest creatures would be complete without Sal Squirrel. Pointy ears, cheeky eyes, and a fluffy tail… This crocheted squirrel has it all. Whatever their skill levels, all crochet fans can enjoy making this cuddly toy. So, shop the crochet kit in your preferred colorway or buy the pattern separately and crochet this squirrel in your or your (grand)child’s favorite colors.

Yarn and Colors Sal Squirrel Crochet Kit 005 Clay
Yarn and Colors Sal Squirrel Crochet Kit 024 Chestnut
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Sal Squirrel

William Wolf / Faye Fox

Two forest pals with just one crochet pattern? Yes, that’s right! You use the same instructions to make both William Wolf and Faye Fox. By playing with the colors, you can crochet both a cute fox and a cool wolf. Ideal, right? Buy the crochet kit for William Wolf and Faye Fox in our webshop. Or order the pattern separately and select your own yarn and color combinations.

Yarn and Colors Faye Fox / William Wolf Crochet Kit 097 Shadow
Yarn and Colors Faye Fox / William Wolf Crochet Kit 019 Sorbus
Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Faye Fox / William Wolf

Forest Animals Bundle

Are they all batting their eyes so sweetly at you that you simply cannot choose which forest animal to crochet? Then order the complete Lookbook #27 Forest Animals pattern bundle. This option guarantees hours of crochet fun and lots of happy faces!

Crochet Pattern Yarn and Colors Forest Animals Bundle

BONUS: Two free patterns for your Forest Animals

The forest party is not over yet! Yarn and Colors has an extra treat for you. On the Yarn and Colors website, you can find two free crochet patterns to make a wintery scarf and a rucksack for your crocheted creatures. Simply use the leftover yarn from crocheting the amigurumi. And then, these forest animals are ready to set out on adventures with your young explorer.

Which of these crocheted woodland creatures will you make? Inspire us and others and share your crochet project on Instagram with #yarnplaza!

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