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Kawaii crochet: a world full of cute amigurumi creatures

Kawaii crochet: a world full of cute amigurumi creatures
Posted on 27-9-2022 by Muriël Blom
Kawaii is centered around the Japanese culture of cuteness. The word literally means 'cute' or 'lovely'. Kawaii is increasingly popular online and is now also winning the hearts of makers in the craft community. In this blog post, we guide you through the world of cute kawaii crochet.

All about kawaii

Kawaii is a word that can be applied to all sorts of things. Objects, people, situations, and clothing styles, for example, can be classed as 'kawaii' if they are cute and childish. A prime example of kawaii is Hello Kitty. This cuteness culture has a huge presence in Japanese pop culture. It can be found in their (digital) entertainment, fashion, interiors, toys, and more.

Kawaii and amigurumi: a match made in heaven

It seems inevitable that the paths of kawaii and amigurumi would intersect at some point. Let’s face it, most amigurumi are intrinsically kawaii. From darling dolls with matching outfits to whole collections of adorable animals. In addition to that, amigurumi crochet gives you the opportunity to work your own sense of style and cuteness into your crochet work. For that distinctive kawaii flair, opt for pastel shades for the body or use blusher to redden the cheeks of your dolls to make them extra cute. Kawaii crochet allows you to bring your cute fantasy world to life!

Best tools for kawaii crochet

Fancy crocheting kawaii amigurumi, but don't know which tools you need? Then read on! While there are no fixed rules when it comes to crocheting kawaii dolls, they are generally made quite small. This miniature effect ups the cuteness factor. It is therefore a great idea to have a set of finer crochet hooks on hand. The following crochet hook sets make ideal tools for your kawaii projects:

KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook Set 2.00 - 6.00mm
Drops Pro Circus Crochet Hook Set
Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set 2.00 - 6.00 mm
Amigurumi are typically crocheted in the round, and to create the specific shapes you want, it is all the more important that you keep track of your stitches and rounds. For that reason, no kawaii amigurumi tool kit would be complete without a row counter and set of stitch markers:

Clover Mini Knitting Counter
Prym Stitch Markers
Tulip Stitch Markers Heart Multi-Colored S/M/M
For the best results, amigurumi are crocheted tightly with fine, cotton yarn. Not only does this help accentuate the shape and features of your kawaii creation, but it also stops the stuffing from showing through your stitches. Great yarn options for making kawaii amigurumi are Phildar Phil Coton 3, Pink Label Organic Cotton, and Yarn and Colors Must-Have:

Yarn and Colors Must-have 052 Orchid
Phildar Phil Coton 3 2188 Safran
Pink Label Organic Cotton 090 River - Soft blue
Of course, to hold its shape, your amigurumi creation needs to be stuffed quite firmly. This stuffing is perfect for this purpose:

Yarn and Colors Panda Stuffing 50 grams
Yarn and Colors Panda Stuffing 250 grams
Yarn and Colors Panda Stuffing 500 grams
Want to take your kawaii amigurumi to the next level of cuteness? Bring them to life with safety eyes or add a music box for that extra dash of kawaii. Here are some fun amigurumi accessories you could use:

Rattle Bead 24mm
Music Box Small It's a small world
Safety Eyes Black 4 mm 10 Pairs
Feeling inspired to crochet kawaii amigurumi? Explore the cutest amigurumi patterns here. Looking for more handicraft inspiration? Read our blog here.

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