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Crocheted Backpack - Back to School!

Crocheted Backpack - Back to School!
Posted on 23-2-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Crocheted backpack - It is time for our kids to go back to school and therefore we have crocheted a cool backpack. Colourful, trendy and ideal for taking little stuff, like a lunchbox, with you. Let your kids pick the colours and they will stand out from the crowd at their school. Going back to school has never been so much fun! Continue reading for the free crochet pattern.

Are your kids also excited to go back to school after a break or holiday? Of course it is nice for them to show off their new stuff, and how cool is it to show up with a brand new, original backpack? Mom, do not worry: this cheerful crocheted backpack is made out of simple granny squares.

The crocheted backpack is made of Lana Grossa Organico, a 100% natural yarn made of biological cotton from the Linea Pura line of Lana Grossa. These yarns are familiar for their natural composition, modern look and high comfort level. Organico has been ecologically produced and dyed, and therefore offers sustainable knitting and crochet projects.

What do you need?

- 4 balls Lana Grossa Organico colour 66
- 1 ball Lana Grossa Organico colour 73, 30, 56, 59, 69
- Crochet hook no. 5

Measurements: height 41, width 27 and depth 14 cm.


Free Pattern Crocheted Backpack

Stitches used:
Ch.     = Chains
Sl. st   = Slip stitch
Sc.     = Single Crochet
Dc.     = Double Crochet

Popcorn stitch (oval): 5 dc., but do not completely finish them: yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through the stitch, yarn over and draw the yarn through 2 loops on the hook. Two loops remain on the hook. Repeat until the 5th dc., draw the yarn through 5 loops on your crochet hook, yarn over and draw through the last 2 loops.

Granny (11 x 11 cm):
Ch. 4 and close to a ring with a sl.st.
Roudn 1: ch. 3 (first dc.), dc. 2, ch.1, *dc. 3, ch. 1*, repeat from * to *  again 2 times. Close with a sl.st.
Round 2: *1 popcorn in the first dc, dc. 1, 1 popcorn, dc. 1, ch.1 and dc. 1 in the opening between the cluster of 3 dc. (previous row).* Repeat from * to * 3 times and close with a sl.st.
Round 3: (cast on new colour) ch. 3 (first dc.), dc. 2, ch. 1, *3 dc., ch.1 , 3 dc., ch. 1 in the opening between the two dc. of the previous row. Ch. 1 , 3 dc. in the dc of the previous row, 1 ch. Repeat from * 3 times and close with a sl.st.
Round 4: (cast on new colour) Ch. 3 (first dc.), dc. 2, ch. 1 , *dc. 3, ch. 1 , dc. 3, ch. 1 in the corner. Dc. 3 and ch. 1 in the ch. space of the previous row, dc. 3, ch 1 in the ch. space of the previous row.* Repeat from * to * 3 times and close with a sl.st.
Round 5: (cast on your base colour)  Repeat round 4, the only difference is the addition of an extra set of dc.3 between the corners.


Crochet 21 granny's (base colour). Attach them with single crochets at the back sides, like the picture below (pink). Then, attach all the pieces with single crochets at the front (blue). The bag will now get its shape.


Now you have a bag at which you are going to crochet a row of dc, through which you later can pull the cord. Dc. 1, skip 1 stitch, and dc. 1.

Crochet around the granny of the flap a row of sc. Attach it to the bag with the blue yarn and a sewing needle. Attach it to the granny's, and not at the edge where the cord is going.

Pick a colour and cut 15 yarns of 110 cm. Divide them into 3 groups of 5 yarns. Tie a knot in the beginning and braid until the yarn is finished. Close the braid with a knot. Pull the cord through the edge of the bag.

Ch. 4 + 1 turning chain. Watch out: use 2 strings of yarn and crochet hook no. 5. Sc. 4 + 1 turning ch. Repeat until you have a strap of 50 cm. Make 2 straps. Sew the straps at the top edges of the bag.

Et voilà, your crocheted backpack is finished. Enjoy it!

What is your favourite back to school item? 

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